Two Dimensions of the Holy Spirit

There are two dimensions of the Spirit – the Spirit within, and the Spirit beyond us. These correspond to Rudolph Otto’s twofold description of the Holy as Mystery which is both ‘fascinating and tremendous’, or as ‘attractive and awesome’.

And later he says these two dimensions are “like breath within us” and “like wind beyond us”

Paul Fiddes, Participating in God, p. 257

Disclaimer: This is a great turn of phrase, and I owe it to Fiddes to let you know where it came from, but I can’t recommend the book. Fiddes is an Oxford professor, which would lead me to think the book has some depth, but it’s mostly Whitehead-esque Process Theology with a bit of Ed Farley style pastoral theology thrown in. He’s also obsessed with the double procession of the Spirit, so all-in-all, it’s really not worth the time.