A Word About Intelligent Design

My sister and brother-in-law are visiting the grand kids for a month while we hold down the fort at their place. Fortunately we had a couple of days at the house together to catch up.

He teaches junior high English in a private school so all things education have been covered the last couple of days. Along the way the subject of Intelligent Design (ID) came up. In my evolution series I didn’t address the issue of ID because I didn’t want to muddy the water. In fact, I don’t like ID for a variety of reasons, primarily because I think it’s a cop-out when it comes to addressing the theological issues that evolution raises.

Rejecting Intelligent Design as a theory of origins does not preclude an intelligent designer of creation. In fact I happily and whole-heartedly affirm that God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed that intelligent designer. My point is that you’ll never be able to prove it from the created order. It’s not only an intelligent design, it’s a stealthy design and God’s handiwork will always be deniable for those who insist on denying God.

Jerry doesn’t buy into the whole evolution thing, but he isn’t a big fan of ID either. He added a twist I had never thought about before. He observed that ID is actually just a sophisticated form of Deism. Assuming that ID is true, creation reveals an intelligent designer, but tells us nothing of that designer. It is the anonymous clockmaker revisited. It therefore encourages a vague religion without a commitment to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, who was revealed as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and all the ethical and transformational responsibilities that particular understanding of God implies.

Intelligent Design is Science Lite that encourages (or at the very least, allows) a sort of Religion Lite. It’s very American and oh, so contemporary. But neither one of us (two people who are on very different wave lengths when it comes to origins) think it’s very good theology.