Spam, spam, wind, spam

I use the Akismet spam filter on this website. It’s a great filter, extremely accurate and virtually no spam gets through. I stick with Yahoo! mail for the same reason. I also have a gmail account that I use for a couple of things as well as the email associated with my ISP. The Yahoo! spam filter is hands down the best filter of the bunch and so I stick with Yahoo! because their spam filter saves me a lot of hassle — and I don’t lose real mail in the spambox like I regularly do on the gmail account.

All my Yahoo! spam goes into a folder and it gets automatically disappeared down the rabbit hole after 2 weeks. The amount of spam I get is very consistent and at any given time there’s 70 to 80 messages in my spambox …

… Until last week, when it started dropping. First down to 40 and then to 21 and now down to 17. I’ve never had so little spam in the spambox. I wonder if some major spammer somewhere in the world just got taken down by the authorities.

On the other hand, I suspect something is wrong over at Akismet. I’ve been asked to moderate a dozen message posted to the blog today — all of them spam.

Who knows, maybe the spammers decided to quit spamming me and start spamming my blog instead. Who knows. Hopefully Akismet will be back on line soon and life can get back to normal.

It’s not like I don’t have time to deal with the spam though. We got an inch of snow last night and then the wind started blowing so our road is drifted in. I’m supposed to be in town at 8:30 tomorrow morning. Hopefully the snow plow will have cleared a path by then.