The Circle of Life

The drama of life and death played itself out in a remarkable way in our yard this morning. A caveat: these pictures aren’t the best because they’re shot through our screen door which has both screen and internal blinds. A second caveat: the third picture is not for the faint of heart; if you have a “Bambi” attitude toward how nature works, don’t scroll down.

Brenda saw a sharp-shinned hawk (possibly a Cooper’s hawk, but they’re quite rare, so I’m guessing the former) sitting in our back yard. He had clearly just made a kill.

Before he was done eating, he had made quite a mess of things.

We were curious just what he got. A rabbit or mouse? More likely a bird, but what sort? When scrolling through the several dozen pictures I shot of the scene, I discovered it was one of our favorite visitors to the suet holder: a red-bellied woodpecker.

From corn fed cattle to suet to red-bellied woodpecker to sharp-shinned hawk … The circle of life goes on.