Listening to NPR news this morning, I heard Americans described as “tight-fisted” because instead of buying stuff from retailers, they’re saving the money.

NPR simply has to be called out on their utterly twisted sense of reality.

Savings is not a vice. Not buying a new i-Pod to replace last year’s model is not tight-fisted.

Seeing a hungry person who wants some lunch and refusing to help is tight-fisted.

Refusing to support the congregation you are a part of just because the priest or pastor doesn’t meet your expectations is tight-fisted.

Giving a 5% tip to a hard-working waiter is tight-fisted.

On the other hand, putting 5% of one’s paycheck into a savings account instead of buying a plasma television is anything but tight-fisted.

There was a time that savings accounts and CDs and 401k’s were considered virtuous. By National Public Radio standards, I guess they’re a vice.

Based on that logic, when the spring fundraiser comes around, call your local NPR station and tell them you wouldn’t do anything as tight-fisted as not spending your money … you’re going to use you’re $10 a month you used to give to NPR to buy bagels instead.